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Managing your Security




Security Solutions at Your Fingertips


Innovative CSi takes a holistic approach to security to help you understand your security posture. We assist our clients with a comprehensive analysis, reporting and management on the health of their security to fully address their security needs. Our goal is to provide our clients with the complete security protection package that will reduce the risk and increase the income of their bottom line.

Our security intelligence solutions answers the call of organizations that are trying to meet the various security compliance's, risk management, and governance.  The proactive approach reduces business risk and empowers our clients to think ahead, take control of their security infrastructure and make intelligent decisions on their business alignment and security needs.

Our experts are protecting our client's assets and reducing the exposure of risk while meeting their business objectives with services in vCISO, Security Risk Assessments, Penetration Testing, Security Program Development, Threat Intelligence, Cyber Forensics and Investigation. Our Professional Security Partners will be there when and where our client's needs arise whether on a local, national or international level. Together meeting the security challenges head-on!


Look How The CyBer  Security Advantage can work for you

Advantages of            Security Services

Our CyBer   Security Services gives your organization the ability to grow your security team with the expertise and knowledge to get the job done. The CyBer   Security Services fits your organization's needs in addressing threat landscape, security risk and compliance.  The security services provides security risk identification, security strategy, planning around cyber attacks, vulnerability management, personnel and change management, performance measures all to drive positive boardroom and senior management interactions. Our goal is protecting our client's assets and reducing the exposure of risk while meeting their business objectives. Our Professional Security Consultants will be there when and where our client's needs arise whether on a local, national or international level. Together meeting the security challenges head-on!

vCISO Security Knowledge without the Cost

The vCISO provides a service for small to enterprise levels that is affordable and is less than the total compensation of a full-time CISO.  The vCISO is a critical step in getting your cyber security program up and running quickly, effectively, and aligned with the business.  The average total salary often costs $300k plus.  The vCISO can range from 35k-250k per year for services that can focus on the organizations needs for security.  The vCISO is beneficial as it will enhance internal capabilities, reduce cyber risk, understand threats, and provide security insights for senior management by bringing expertise and techniques from trained professionals.

Security Compliance, Governance & Risk reduction

Our goal is to develop a strategy for managing an organization's overall governance, enterprise risk management and compliance with regulations. A well defined GRC program provides a structured approach to aligning IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements.  A well-planned GRC strategy comes with a lot of benefits such as improved decision-making, building trend analysis and metrics, more optimal IT security investments, identifies cyber risk proactively,  eliminates silos, and reduces fragmentation among divisions and departments to help streamline the organization and reduction of overall cost.


Providing support for your Security needs

Security services


Security solutions to assist in the cyber security challenges that organizations face.  We provide the expertise to fill in the security gaps and address the changing threat landscape  with a risk-based approach to your security program. 


Security leaders must understand metrics as critical tools to explain how security services support the organization and its strategic objectives.  We work with your team to build information security programs, compliance and governance functions that meet your business objectives and show measurable improvements to your security posture. We get involved with your teams to build board room presentations, security awareness, build useful metrics, and develop soft skills training to the team to increase collaboration within the organization.

SOC Development

We can assist you with the architecture, design, build, and development of your Cyber Security Operations Center.  Our team will focus on the people, processes and technology to deliver a successful operation center. The areas of focus center around threat intelligence, hunting, forensics, cyber analytics and data analysis techniques. 


We focus on the maturity of your program by providing actionable and corrective improvements by identifying four core areas from your attack surface, functional security areas, security capabilities and controls-technology-process to benchmark your security program.  Our focus then adjusts to the business risk identification of critical information for businesses to make intelligent decisions and to assist in the development of security baselines, gap analysis & metrics.


Showing your value story by an aggregation of security architecture and data will help to drive Cyber Trend Analysis, KPIs and KRIs to align with the business objectives.  We will work with your team to build cyber dashboards that can be used at all levels in the organization.

Risk Management

We focus on building a cyber security management program focusing on the people, processes and technology.  The program ties together risk management, control management, change management, deficiency tracking, process improvement, and security measurements into a single overarching program.  We help you manage by actual threat, impact, risk and establishing processes to answer to all levels of your organization.   

Forensics & Incident Response Consulting

We focus on building or supporting your incident response and investigation needs against cyber-attacks.  Our focus is on building, enhancing or supporting your Incident Management program.  Our focus starts with a threat intelligence platform and moves to handling/hunting techniques from three critical areas of your systems.  Then builds the investigation areas to drive root cause analysis, compliance and clear insight into security events. 

We've Come a Long Way

at Innovative Corporate Solutions


Innovative Corporate Solutions, Inc. was founded on the principles of protecting our client’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability in 2004 in Michigan. Our goal is to provide our clients with complete security protection to reduce the risk and increase the income of their bottom line. We have consulted a number of small, medium and enterprise level clients in every vertical to provide the complete protection around people, processes and technology.  We partner with our client to provide world class service in the area of cyber security around risk management, GRC, risk assessments, cyber investigation and response.  Our approach to security has been evolving with the change and development of security since the early 2000s. We continue to grow and innovative security solutions that will improve the overall security posture with sound methodologies and standards for our clients.


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